• Remont of internal engineering systems
  • Design work
  • Restoration of the roof
  • Remont of basements
  • Remont of elevator equipment, repair of elevator shafts
  • Facade repair

Remont of residential and office buildings

The repair work shall be carried out in accordance with a work project developed by the General Contractor on the basis of the design, applied structural solutions, required preparatory activities for installation of technological equipment, and the situation on the construction site.

Our honest and open working policy helped us create great friendships with our many contractors, suppliers, partners and of course our customers whose trust we value.

Milanstroy provides service support in the sphere of equipment design development, technical and technological support of the equipment installed, consultations concerning the application of equipment and heat treatment technology of steels and alloys.

Types of major repairs

Comprehensive capital repair - covers all elements of the building, provides for simultaneous restoration of all worn-out structural elements, engineering equipment and increase the degree of improvement of the building as a whole, eliminates physical and moral deterioration. The next complex overhaul of the building or structure is inexpedient in cases where demolition or relocation of buildings or structures is planned in connection with the forthcoming construction of another building or structure on the plot occupied by them, reconstruction of the building is expected, demolition of the building is planned due to general dilapidation.

Emergency overhaul - repair or replacement of all structural elements, devices, systems of engineering equipment that failed due to accidents, natural disasters, acts of terrorism and vandalism

The ingredients for the success of MILANSTROY

The main priorities of the company are timeliness and quality of work, meeting the needs of the customer within the planned budget. In the course of its operations the company has never had a single case of breach of contractual obligations: the facilities were delivered on time and with high quality.

Experience, responsibility and high professional level of Milanstroy team allow them to cope with the most complicated tasks successfully justifying the confidence of their clients including departments of Moscow Government and federal agencies.

We actively participate in urban programs aimed at improving the quality of life for Muscovites and contribute to the creation of comfortable environment in Moscow by consistently adhering to high standards.

We strive to always be the best, so we use modern standards combined with innovative technology. Milanstroy has all the necessary technical and transport means to carry out a full range of construction works.

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