Civil works

MILANSTROY is pleased to offer you a wide range of services for capital construction:

  • Designing buildings and structures in accordance with all existing norms and standards
  • Construction of objects on a turnkey basis and individual construction work
  • Reconstruction and repair of buildings
  • Finishing work
  • Design, assembly, installation and technical equipment
  • General contracting

Construction of residential and office buildings

Construction of the buildings shall be carried out in accordance with the work project developed by the General Contractor on the basis of the design, the applied structural solutions, the required preparatory activities for the installation of the equipment and the situation at the construction site.

The stages of building construction are:

  1. Design work
  2. Geodetic work
  3. Supplying of utilities to the building
  4. Equipment of the base
  5. Installation of the walls and roof of the building
  6. Installing high-strength floors and underground utilities
  7. Installation of utilities
  8. Interior and exterior finishing of the building
  9. Installation of production equipment and devices
  10. Commissioning
  11. Improvement of adjacent territory

Thanks to our honest and open work policy, we have developed friendly relations with many contractors, suppliers and partners.

MILANSTROY relying on extensive experience in projects of varying degrees of complexity, offers a wide range of additional services:

  • Structure work
  • Concrete work
  • Earthwork
  • Masonry work
  • Roofing work
  • Finishing work
  • Carpentry work
  • Piling and installation work

MILANSTROY team of professionals will carry out various general construction works which can be implemented in combination with all the engineering networks of the building, including autonomous water supply systems, heating, sewage, security systems, landscaping or partially in the volume the customer is interested in.

At your service a wide variety of positive experience in construction and finishing works of industrial and administrative buildings, residential buildings, cottages. We are responsible for every stage of construction and give a guarantee for all the work carried out, starting from preparation of a trench up to installation of a door peephole.

We take an individual approach to work with our clients, taking into account all their requirements and wishes. Maybe this is why, despite the fierce competition in our business, we stand firmly on our feet and look to the future with confidence. Our regular customers have repeatedly seen that the ratio of price, timing and quality of services for installation and dismantling of technological equipment is the most balanced.

MILANSTROY pays special attention to quality control of work performed, risk insurance, implementation and adherence to safe management practices, strictly complying with contractual obligations.

Having reliable partnerships with enterprises - contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers of materials and equipment, MILANSTROY is able to concentrate and engage significant human and material resources to achieve their goals.

The ingredients for the success of MILANSTROY

The main priorities of the company are observance of deadlines and quality of executed works, satisfaction of customer's needs within the planned budget. The company has never had any cases of breach of contractual obligations and the facilities were delivered on time and with high quality.

Experience, responsibility and high professional level of Milanstroy team allow them to cope with the most complicated tasks successfully justifying the confidence of their clients including departments of Moscow Government and federal agencies.

We actively participate in urban programs aimed at improving the quality of life for Muscovites and contribute to the creation of comfortable environment in Moscow by consistently adhering to high standards.

We strive to always be the best, so we use modern standards combined with innovative technology. Milanstroy has all the necessary technical and transport means to carry out a full range of construction works.

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