MILANSTROY provides a full range of services for landscaping, including the provision of water and electricity in buildings, road construction, sanitary facilities, noise reduction, climate improvement.

For us as a developer the most important aspect of our work is a combination of the three factors such as functionality, aesthetics and comfort in the operation of the facility, because the viability of the building and/or territory directly depends on them. We constantly raise the level of professionalism of our team and keep abreast of both the latest technologies and innovations as well as the latest trends in design, architecture and landscape.

If you have any questions related to landscaping and / or general questions about the development at any stage - be sure to contact us and be sure that any question will be resolved professionally and competently in the shortest possible time.

The ingredients for the success of MILANSTROY

The main priorities of the company are observance of deadlines and quality of executed works, satisfaction of customer's needs within the planned budget. The company has never had any cases of breach of contractual obligations: the facilities were delivered on time and of high quality.

Experience, responsibility and high professional level of Milanstroy team allow them to cope with the most complicated tasks successfully justifying the confidence of their clients including departments of Moscow Government and federal agencies.

We actively participate in urban programs aimed at improving the quality of life for Muscovites and contribute to the creation of comfortable environment in Moscow by consistently adhering to high standards.

We strive to always be the best, so we use modern standards combined with innovative technology. Milanstroy has all the necessary technical and transport means to carry out a full range of construction works.

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