Overhaul of roads

Any road, whatever the quality of the material, over time, it begins to require repair.

The roadway wears down, taking the weight of vehicles and being exposed to environmental hazards - over time, potholes and holes appear on the roadway, which not only reduce the comfort of using the road, but can also lead to accidents.

To avoid unpleasant situations current repair of roads, which is an extensive set of works aimed at improving the quality of the road surface, will help. Routine repair of roads implies the replacement of deteriorated parts of the roadway with new coverage. In the summer season the new asphalt is laid most often with asphalt-concrete mixes in a hot condition. If an urgent repair is needed in the winter season, so-called molten asphalt is often used.

Current repair of the roadway can be carried out by the "patching" method, when potholes and holes are leveled with a heated asphalt-concrete mixture or cold bituminous materials. Such method of repair allows to quickly and without much expense to update the road bed, not blocking the traffic on the given highway for a long time.

Overhaul of roads includes a large list of works and represents a complete restoration of all layers of the road surface, subgrade and structures that are part of the infrastructure of the road. Major repairs involves replacing worn parts and structures with new, more durable ones. Often the overhaul implies reconstruction of roads, when in connection with increased intensity of traffic the parameters of roadbed are improved.

Both capital and current repair works the company's specialists carry out in full accordance with the developed and approved design and estimate documentation. We use the newest materials and modern equipment which allows reducing the terms of repair without compromising the quality of roadwork.

The ingredients for the success of MILANSTROY

The main priorities of the company are timeliness and quality of work, meeting the needs of the customer within the planned budget. In the course of its operations the company has never had a single case of breach of contractual obligations: the facilities were delivered on time and with high quality.

Experience, responsibility and high professional level of Milanstroy team allow them to cope with the most complicated tasks successfully justifying the confidence of their clients including departments of Moscow Government and federal agencies.

We actively participate in urban programs aimed at improving the quality of life for Muscovites and contribute to the creation of comfortable environment in Moscow by consistently adhering to high standards.

We strive to always be the best, so we use modern standards combined with innovative technology. "Milanstroy" has all the necessary technical and transport means to carry out a full range of construction works.

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