Design work is the basis for the successful implementation of any project. After all, the reliability and durability of the building depends on the accuracy of calculations of engineering and structural solutions, elaboration of functionality, architecture.

These works include:

  • A space-planning solution for the specific building, taking into account its functional purpose and a list of requirements of building regulations
  • Design of the facades and interiors in colour
  • Design of structural solutions, including the selection of optimal structural schemes, calculation of designed building structures
  • Design of the electricity system (location of electrical equipment, calculation of basic parameters)
  • Design of water supply system (location of pipes on the plan, the calculation of the diameter of the pipeline)
  • Heating design (thermal calculations, and on their basis - the placement of basic equipment
  • Design of sewage system (location of equipment on the plan, calculation of pipe diameter)
  • Design of ventilation system (location of equipment on the plan (calculation of pipe diameter)
  • Design of ventilation system (air exchange calculation, choice of ventilation system and placement of elements)
  • Air conditioning design (location of special equipment on the plan
  • Design of gas supply (calculation of gas pipe diameter)
  • Design of the location of necessary equipment to connect the facility to the telephone system, internet, fire safety, security system, radio

It is important for architects, builders, contractors, and entrepreneurs to know the basics of construction and to have an understanding of the design of buildings, structures, and any facilities that will be commissioned. The purpose of the building is of great importance in the work process. It can be a residential complex, an industrial facility or a private residence. In any case, it is important to develop a project before starting construction.

Our team of experienced professionals has already proven itself by successfully carrying out a number of diverse projects. Consistent results, meticulous attention to detail and practical experience are the keys to our success.

The ingredients for the success of MILANSTROY

The main priorities of the company are compliance with deadlines and quality of work, meeting the needs of the customer within the planned budget. Throughout its activity, the company has not had a single case of breach of contractual obligations - the objects were delivered on time and with high quality.

Experience, responsibility and high professional level of Milanstroy team allows us to cope successfully with the most complex tasks, justifying the confidence of our customers, including departments of the Moscow City Government and federal agencies.

We actively participate in urban programs aimed at improving the quality of life for Muscovites and contribute to the creation of comfortable environment in Moscow by consistently adhering to high standards.

We strive to always be the best, so we use modern standards combined with innovative technology. "Milanstroy" has all the necessary technical and transport means to carry out a full range of construction works.

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