The year was marked by the foundation of Milanstroy LLC. At the very beginning of its way Milanstroy LLC was engaged in reconstruction, major repairs and landscaping. Over the years, the company's activities expanded and gained momentum.


A qualitative breakthrough is taking place. The scale of projects is fundamentally changing - the portfolio of orders includes commercial and residential real estate, pre-school educational institutions and secondary schools, road infrastructure facilities. The ambitious goal is to become the best company in its field. The internal infrastructure of the company develops, new departments appear, the team increases, work with new personnel on mastering the corporate culture, values and principles of the company is carried out.


As new contracts are signed, there is a need to obtain SRO access for up to three billion rubles, for which the organization receives the appropriate certificate (admission).


Milanstroy LLC begins cooperation with state and municipal customers - actively participates in tenders and auctions, concludes large contracts, shows high quality of performance and delivery of works. At the same time partner relations with major banks - guarantors of future projects are established.


Milanstroy continues to actively participate in the implementation of municipal and federal programs, including the construction of social facilities, acting as a general designer and general contractor for the construction of entire neighborhoods with social infrastructure facilities - preschool and general education institutions, sports and recreation centers, boarding schools, etc. As the turnover of the company increases, the team also grows - the staff within the departments increases, new management positions appear, and additional high-quality specialists are involved. The company strengthens its position in the construction market of Moscow and Moscow region.


As new contracts are signed, it becomes necessary to bring in new suppliers and, in some cases, contractors. Given the new realities, there is a need to create a new department within the company with the goal of controlling the quality of the materials supplied, their consumption, and the quality of the work delivered by contractors. The company establishes a Control and Audit Department.


Milanstroy LLC has new major customers, under contracts with which the company begins construction of administrative buildings. The company is staffed with additional specialists, including beginners who share the company's values. A team of highly qualified specialists trains newcomers, a training center begins its work.


Keeping the focus on achieving the set goals, the company's specialists implement projects for new customers. Great attention is paid to the internal management system. The company establishes an internal security service to check newly hired employees as well as new counterparties. The company embarks on the path of business process automation. New software that automates the company's operations is being actively implemented. The training center continues to operate successfully, and employees are certified. External communication system is developing.


The work with contractors is optimized - the best contractors and suppliers in the market are selected, who go through a tender procedure and a process of thorough screening by the Internal Security Service. The new approach to selecting suppliers and contractors allows the company to justify once again the trust of major customers and ensure a high level of work.


In spite of the complicated conditions of projects, in the conditions of the pandemic, the company continues to deliver all of its facilities on time. All safety measures introduced in connection with COVID-19 are observed at all the company's facilities, which avoids epidemiological situations. Despite the complicated conditions of contract implementation, given the high quality of work and impeccable reputation, the company receives more and more new orders, which causes the need to obtain a certificate of admittance to the SRO for ten billion rubles.


At the beginning of the year the company again justifies the trust of the capital region by implementing a number of socially significant projects for the city. Despite the difficult economic processes in the Moscow region and the country as a whole, the Milanstroy team continues to implement new projects, demonstrating a high quality of the results of work, based on the professionalism of its team.
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