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Milanstroy - a global company. It is not limited to the local framework and now successfully operates in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Vietnam, India, China, both in sales and procurement.


Among our regular customers more than 30 of the largest mining holdings, the assets of which total more than 400 mines and quarries, processing plants, metallurgical and machine-building enterprises.


Our equipment is used for mining coal, iron ore and nickel, potash, zinc, diamonds and other solid minerals.


In turn Milanstroy is also a major consumer of commodities and material resources necessary to ensure the efficient operation of manufacturing and service enterprises of the company.


Purchase and repair of metalworking, thermal, welding, handling, computer equipment, construction and design work, procurement of components and raw materials, protective clothing, consulting services - this is not a complete list of purchased goods, works and services on a tender basis.


For Milanstroy quality - is a priority. That's why we give the opportunity to all manufacturers to become our partners in an open and transparent system.


The basic principles that guide the company in the implementation of procurement:

transparency and disclosure,

non-discrimination and unreasonable restrictions of competition,

targeted and effective expenditure of funds of the company,

building long-term partnerships with suppliers.

The basic principles that guide the company in the selection of suppliers of goods and services:

goodwill counterparty

high quality of the materials or services provided,

on-time deliveries,

the optimal level of prices and acceptable conditions of payment.

The company is always open for cooperation with suppliers who meet the above criteria.


The procedure of procurement is regulated by the internal state of the company.

Hosted invitation for tenders addressed to unlimited number of potential partners. Envisaged in the preparation and submission of bids term is defined taking into account the specific conditions of the procurement subject, as well as the size and complexity of the contract.


a level playing field is created for all participants, which provided as follows:

all participants send the same documentation and explanations provided in respect of the formation of the proposal;

authorized representatives at the facilities required to tender all addressed the participants show the object of the tender, to provide design and other necessary documentation, as well as reliable and accurate information necessary for the proper preparation of the participants of bids;

authorized representatives at the facilities of the tender and the members of the Tender Committee may not create preferential conditions for one or more participants, including through access to confidential information or the failure information to any parties;

participants are given the opportunity to make written comments to the Directorate for Security of the tender organizer;

non-residents of Ukraine are taking part in the tender on an equal footing with the residents of the conditions stipulated in the regulations.

For its part Milanstroy, as the organizer of purchases for all of its manufacturing and service units, a balanced and comprehensive approach to the study of each proposal on the purchase of a product, following a differentiated and transparent approach to each quotation.


Milanstroy grateful to all its current and potential partners for their confidence in our company, which is a prerequisite for a successful and long-term cooperation.


We hope that you will soon become our business partner.



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