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"Milanstroy" - is actively developing real estate development company that has many years of positive experience of comprehensive solutions in construction projects commercial real estate, industrial and residential buildings.

The leading direction of our work is the manufacture and installation of steel structures. This industry is a leader in our company over the past 4 years. And we can say with confidence that we will cope with this work as quickly and accurately.

List of the main types of work:

manufacture and installation of metal skeletons of industrial and industrial buildings and structures; Commercial, industrial premises, sports facilities, warehouses, service stations, gas stations, parking garages, etc. ; installation of buildings, including prefabricated; manufacturing of products: columns, beams, bracing, trusses, girders, consoles, platforms, rack fachwerk, fences, stairs; Strengthening of building structures metal structures (reinforced concrete columns, pillars, consoles, etc.). We can also make and lightweight construction for shopping centers, warehouses, pavilions.

We offer you a wide range of civil works on the excavation and foundation to commissioning "turnkey" in Moscow, the Moscow region and other regions of Russia.

Having sufficiently extensive experience in this field, we can guarantee high quality and fast execution of the entire volume of work necessary for you. In carrying out every order we focus on the quality of manufacture and installation of steel structures.

Two years ago, we made all the optimization processes for the personnel, the cost of production, so our price policy became more democratic and more affordable for customers.

We have individual approach to working with our customers, taking into account absolutely all their needs and wishes. Perhaps that is why, in spite of the fierce competition in our business, we stand firmly on his feet and look to the future with confidence. Our regular customers have repeatedly seen in the fact that the ratio of price, timing and quality of the services performed by the installation and dismantling of steel structures and technological equipment is more balanced. We hope they have a long time to cooperate with us.



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