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Civil works are classified in accordance with the applicable (processing) material or constructed structures:

- Reinforcement of the work;

- concrete works;

- excavation;

- Stone work;

- roofing;

- Finishing work;

- Carpentry;

- Piling, assembly and others.

The special work belongs as waterproofing, thermal insulation works, plumbing, electrical, etc.

A team of professionals, "Master Story" will perform a variety of civil works, which can be implemented in a complex with all the building engineering networks, including the independent water supply, heating, sewage systems, device security systems, landscaping or in part, to the extent the customer's interests.

There is a large diverse positive experience of construction and finishing works of industrial and office buildings, residential buildings and cottages. We are responsible for each phase of construction and gives a guarantee on all work carried out, starting from design and ending with installation pit door peephole.

We have individual approach to working with our customers, taking into account absolutely all their needs and wishes. Perhaps that is why, in spite of the fierce competition in our business, we stand firmly on his feet and look to the future with confidence. Our regular customers have repeatedly seen in the fact that the ratio of price, timing and quality of the services performed by the installation and dismantling of technological equipment is more balanced. We hope they have a long time to cooperate with us.

If you have any questions - please contact us and make sure any problem will be solved professionally and competently as soon as possible.




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