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Excavation and processing of ground - work, including the development, transfer, placement and compaction of soil. The main purpose of this work - to prepare the ground for future construction. This is a very important stage, which can be trusted only real professionals.

Team "milanstroy" performs earthworks of any complexity in the framework of the construction of the facility "turnkey", and partly to the extent the customer's interests, including:

- Construction of canals and ditches;

- Arrangement of the bases of buildings and structures;

- Territory planning for development and improvement;

"Milanstroy" The company has a large fleet of specialized equipment and experienced staff, which allows us to take on the obligation to work virtually any size and do them as efficiently as possible in the shortest possible time.

If you have any questions for the ground works and / or any general questions - please contact us and make sure any problem will be solved professionally and competently as soon as possible.



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