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Project work - is the basis for successful implementation of any project. Because the accuracy of the calculations of the engineering and design solutions, study the functional architecture depends on the reliability and durability of the building.

The operation data includes:

- Space-planning decisions of a particular building, made in view of its functional purpose and a list of building regulations requirements;

- Project design of facades and interiors in color;

- Design of design solutions, including:

- Selection of the optimal design schemes;

- Calculation of the projected building structures.

- Design the necessary engineering solutions, including both mandatory and additional solutions:

- Design of power supply system (placement of electrical equipment, the calculation of basic parameters);

- The design of heating (thermal engineering calculations, and on their basis - placing the main equipment);

- Design of water supply system (pipes placement on the plan, the pipeline diameter calculation);

- Designing of sewer systems (equipment location on the plan, calculation of the diameter of pipes);

- Design of gas supply (gas pipe diameter calculation);

- The design of the ventilation system (calculation of ventilation, ventilation system selection and placement of elements).

- Air-conditioning system design (placement on the terms of special equipment);

- The necessary equipment to connect the location of the project object to the telephone system, the Internet, fire protection, the alarm system, radio.

Our team of experienced professionals "Milanstroy" has already established itself successfully implemented a number of different profiles of objects. Stable results, meticulous attention to detail, hands-on experience - the key to our success.



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