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Either way, from a quality material it was made no matter, over time, begins to require repair.

Roadbed wear, taking the weight of the vehicle and being exposed to the harmful effects of the environment - with time on the road there are potholes and pits, which not only reduce the comfort of roads, but also can lead to traffic accidents.


To avoid unpleasant situations will help the current repair of roads, which is a vast complex of works aimed at improving the quality of the road surface. Current road repair involves the replacement of worn-out parts of the roadway on a new cover. In the summer season, laying new asphalt is produced mostly asphalt mixes hot. If you need emergency repairs in the winter season, it is often used so-called mastic asphalt.


Current repairs of the roadway can be "patching" method, when the potholes and pits are aligned heated asphalt mixture or cold bituminous materials. This repair method allows you to quickly and inexpensively refurbish roadbed without overlapping on the long term traffic on this highway.


Overhaul of road includes a large list of activities and is a complete restoration of all layers of the road surface, roadbed and structures belonging to the infrastructure of the road. When major repairs carried out the replacement of worn parts and designs for new, more durable. Most major repairs of roads means its reconstruction, when due to the increased traffic improved parameters of the roadway.


Both capital and current repairs of specialists are in full accordance with the developed and approved design and estimate documentation. We use the latest materials and modern technology and equipment, which reduces repair time and does not sacrifice the quality of road works.




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